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Imagine Never Being Without Heat or Power Again.

The Everlite Hybrid EVH 3000 can
connect to a furnace or boiler to
deliver uninterupted heat and power
without the need for a transfer switch.

For additional appliances, the system
is equipped with an Electronic Cycler
and Load Distribution System with
integrated outlet connections that
power a variety of key critical
appliances such as a refrigerator,a
sump pump, a microwave, lights, etc.

In fact, the Intelligent Switching technology of the EVH 3000 works smarter, not harder, delivering power as needed, to make the EVH 3000 the most efficient power generation system in its class.

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Features At-a-glance

Near Zero Carbon Emmissions
at point of discharge.
Converts natural gas or other fossil fuel,
such as oil and liquid propane (LP) into
Enables installation in locations, such
as Townhouses and Condos where
regulations or space contraints prohibit
the use of outdoor systems.
When connected to a furnace or boiler,
no transfer switch, additional fuel lines
or electrical wires needed.
Energized and self-automated even
when you are away.
Insulated Chamber for extra quiet
Grid quality energy
System linked to optional Central
Station where unit is monitored for
irregularities to ensure you are always
up and running.
5 Year Limited Replacement Warranty